'I got an appointment very quickly with a great therapist'

'There were so many counsellors to pick from the counselling websites, I didn’t know where to start, Headspace seemed professional and highly qualified, and they are!'

'I tried a few counsellors before contacting Headspace non had availability which suited me,  Headspace did'

'I couldn't see how I could change anything, but counselling helped me see things from a different perspective and identified how I was enabling the negative patterns to continue'

'I was so nervous about therapy, but I needn’t have worried, my therapist was amazing'

'I was concerned I might be judged but I feel so comforted and supported by my therapist'

'A professional place to go, Keep up the good work!'

'I didn’t know what to look for, Headspace website helped me identify what I needed and then they helped me get my life on track'

'I thought you must be mad to need therapy but now I realise you must be mad not to do it'

'It was hard at first but really rewarding, Got me back to work'

'I didn’t expect people to respond positively towards me once I changed my behaviour but they did'

'I thought pleasing everyone else was pleasing me, Headspace helped me see that it wasn’t'

'They helped me identify the triggers of my work stress and how to manage them in a better way'

'I used to be a pain to be around at home because of the stress at work, just talking through things helps you identify what’s really going on, Headspace gave me the strategies I needed to change'

'I used to think that how could someone listening to you help, but they do so much more than that'

'I didn’t have anyone to talk to, I was a senior partner, I could t speak to my colleagues, I did t want to worry my wife but I needed help, Headspace delivered'

'Helped enormously, Headspace got me out of a stuck place'

'Very impressed, helped me cope with the low moods'

'They know what they are doing, you can trust them'

'I’ve recommended them to loads of my friends at school'

'Highly recommended, our teenager was having a difficult time at school, they are now more able to cope with the pressure'

'Headspace was recommended to me for our daughter, I wouldnt hesitate in recommending them'

'They helped my husband and I with our marriage. Not sure we would still be together if it wasn’t for our therapist'

'Headspace saved our marriage'

'They helped my husband and I split amicably it was important that we retained a good friendship'

'Counselling helped my wife and I enormously'

'I feel stronger and more positive from counselling'

'I now have a better understanding of who I am'

'Things at work got too much and I started to take it out on the kids and my wife, I’ve got ways to deal with it now '

'I felt lost and things seemed hopeless, after therapy I have different ways of handling things'

'I used to be angry at home, at work, now I understand it and manage it'

'My anxiety was crippling I now have it under control'

'I used to be sick before going into work, therapy helped me realise it was anxiety because of work stress and helped me manage it'

'I had really bad anxiety prior to doing presentations, my therapist gave me tools to make it much easier'

'My anxiety was crippling but I’ve got a handle on it now, thanks to my therapist'

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