We work for a range of corporate partners, we have extensive knowledge in the requirements and standards which are expected.

Our backgrounds are from the professional corporate business sector therefore we understand the difficulties that you face in trying to sustain a healthy workforce and we will work with you to ensure your employees are treated quickly and effectively.

We can assist you in surveying your teams for their mental agility. We offer a Well-being Check-in to assess the mental health of your workforce. How has as COVID impacted on them? Do they suffer from anxiety, potential burnout? We use well documented NHS tools to measure their well-being and will feed this back to you, ultimately to help you with your HR engagement and sustainability goals.

“Going through a divorce can be extremely stressful and many of my clients suffer from depression and anxiety as a result. Working with Headspace means that I can provide my clients with an informal referral for an independent, highly professional and experienced counselling service.
The team headed by Mandy and Juliet are all members of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and offer a number of counselling approaches, tailored to the client needs”
Stowe Family Law

“Mandy is highly developed in NHS workplace counselling and assessments, she is highly aware of the need for work life balance in today’s pressured working environments”
Helen Lill, NHS Wellbeing Manager

“I was referred to Headspace by my employer following a period of stress. I found Amanda easy to talk to and very understanding of my situation. Amanda immediately starting working with me to establish the root cause of my stress and ways to cope with this. I was able to make a confident and sustained return to work as a result.”
Staff Member, Stewarts Law

“In today’s world many people face mentally challenging circumstances and situations in both personal and business life. Taking this in to consideration it was key that Essential Healthcare Solutions offered support in this area and identified a key partner to work alongside for the benefit of our team members that may require such support.
There are so many benefits to promoting a healthy workplace and keeping our team mentally well. You can improve staff morale, productivity, business performance and employee engagement.
We have been working with Headspace for some years with really positive, effective and life changing outcomes”
Essential Healthcare

“Mandy worked for me for three years, she is a superb counsellor, i would highly recommend her”
David Leckie, Managing Director
Mind Matters, Wakefield

“I know that there is a limit with regards to what we are authorised to do but you always work within these restrictions, it is very much appreciated”
Anabel Cando
Moving Minds

You can rely on us to deliver an excellent standard of service