Anger Management

Is an anger problem ruining your life?

Do you ever get so angry that you want to lash out, shout or throw something? Does your partner enrage you so often that you find yourself screaming at them? We have all experienced the heated surge of anger, and while being angry from time to time is an integral part of our evolutionary make up (it can help us detect and respond to threatening situations or motivate us to change aspects of our lives we are not happy with), constant, uncontrollable anger can be an incredibly destructive and dangerous emotion.

Anger and high adrenaline trigger physiological reactions such as raised heartbeat, higher temperature and palpitations. This level and intensity of emotion over a prolonged period of time can lead to serious physiological and psychological health problems including depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, and lower-functioning immune system to name just a few.

Repeated angry outbursts can also have a devastating impact on our relationships, both professionally and personally, causing even more misery and even putting us, and those close to us, in danger.

If your anger is causing distress to you and those around you, then anger management therapy could be right for you.


Anger management and counselling

You cannot control the situations that might provoke your anger, but you can learn to manage your attitude to them through anger management counselling, which can help with all kinds of anger issues from mild irritation to explosive, violent rage.

We help many people to manage their anger and consequently solve their problems and meet their goals.

In the safety of the therapy room, you and your therapist can explore the triggers that precipitate your angry feelings and develop the skills you need to be able to handle them more effectively.

Your counsellor will also work with you to target the multitude of other emotions entangled within anger – such as shame, fear and embarrassment – which may be having an impact upon you and lead to angry confrontation or self-harm.

During therapy, you will learn to communicate less aggressively and turn destructive behaviours into more constructive responses as you learn to understand the causes of your anger and set it in context.

At Headspace our therapists see people of all ages from all walks of life who have problems managing their anger.

Our team of psychotherapists, Cognitive Behaviour Therapists or Psychologists will help you understand the root causes of your anger and irritability by examining the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that contribute to it.

Over a course of sessions we will work together with you to improve your communication skills and self-expression, as well as develop coping strategies and tools to help you manage anger-provoking situations in the longer term.

If you really want to change then we can help you control your anger and create a more balanced life for you and others around you.

'I now have a better understanding of who I am'

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