Why trust in us?

Many of our corporate partners and individual clients have chosen Headspace as we offer a high quality service. We are healthcare professionals with corporate backgrounds so we understand and will meet your expectations.

We are Highly Qualified

All Headspace therapists are properly trained, experienced and skilled practitioners.
Headspace therapists have completed training to become highly qualified therapists and have followed a University path of at least three years on British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) accredited courses.

Finding the right therapist is difficult and not all counsellor training is the same. Headspace ensures that you will work with an appropriate, highly qualified therapist who matches your needs.

We are Professional and Ethical

All Headspace therapists adhere to the BACP Ethical Framework for Counselling Professions and are subject to the BACP Professional Conduct Procedure. This offers a framework of best practice that BACP therapists offer to clients.

Each therapist attends regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Training on issues that are relevant to their work.

We each receive clinical supervision (at least monthly) with our personal clinical supervisor. Each supervisor also adheres to the BACP Ethical Framework.

We are Highly Skilled and Experienced

In addition to completing accredited courses, all Headspace therapists have gained clinical experience working in voluntary or paid counselling placements. These include; hospital staff support, university, college and school student and staff services, rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse organisations, NHS, NSPCC, Relate, Mosiac, Leeds Counselling, Mind Matters and many other services and organisations. (should that be Mosaic?)

We are also experienced private practitioners.

We promise Confidentiality

We offer a safe place to share and work through your problems and difficulties. At the first meeting we will explain our promise of confidentiality and the limits of what can be achieved. (not sure if that what the limits refer to)

We know that consistent boundaries promote a sense of safety, security and the possibility of trust.

We offer a tailor made service

We acknowledge that our lives and stories are unique. The therapy you are offered will be tailor made for you. We are willing to work with clients for short, medium or longer periods of time, offering therapies that will be the most effective and helpful.

Where we work

We work nationally providing online therapy. For face to face work  Headspace has two city centre clinics in Leeds.

Therapy and Self Awareness

All Headspace therapists have had their own personal therapy. This does not mean we believe we are “sorted”, rather that we have an awareness of our ‘blind spots’ and a reasonable understanding of who we are and an acceptance that we are not perfect. We know what it feels like to be a client. We feel it is a priority that all therapists have had therapy to understand their interventions and formulations of the work in progress.

We are empathic, non-judgmental, accepting and compassionate.

What Next & How do I Start?
Please Contact us:

0113 418 0212


Let us know your availability (daytime, evenings) and whether you prefer to attend sessions in person or online.

We will respond within 24 hours to arrange an initial meeting.

'I got an appointment very quickly with a great therapist'

Need some headspace?

Contact enquiries@headspaceleeds.com to book an appointment or for more information.

Sessions from £48.00

All our counsellors work very flexible hours including Saturdays.